New things!

I have never really been into blogging or journaling. So you might ask, “Why are you doing this?”. Well after being married for almost five months, moving across the country and away from my family and friends for the first time, a lot has happened and changed in my life. There are so many things going on I want to be able to chronicle it and help keep my family and friends back home in the loop!

As you probably gather from the title of my blog, my husband is an active duty soldier in the US Army, and we are currently stationed at Fort Hood. This impacts our life every single day so I will probably be talking about it frequently. I am a college student at a local college here and am working toward my Exercise Science degree and plan to apply to Physical Therapy school when I graduate. We have a beautiful little golden retriever puppy named Riley who I will probably be posting pictures of all the time 🙂 She is just too cute not to share!


I love coffee and running, hence the other part of my blog title. I will also probably be posting frequently about my latest and greatest running endeavor. I have currently run 2 half marathons while my then fiancé was deployed last year, and I plan on taking on another one in the spring!

I think that is a big enough slice of my little life for today! I am trying out this blogging thing for the first time so bear with me while I figure things out!



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