Lazy Mornings

Lazy Mornings are some of my most favorite things. It’s so refreshing to wake up in the morning and not be on a schedule or in a rush to get somewhere! These are rare for me because I usually have classes in the morning, but since I am on Christmas Break I get to slow down for a little but. 

This morning my husband has guard duty so we both got to sleep in! After we finally got up, I decided to make omelets which is our favorite breakfast. It felt like such a treat on a Wednesday morning! After breakfast I get to catch up on watching the Today show. This is another lazy morning treat for me, I just love the variety of stories they have and all the people on the show! Who knew that one of the reporters, Jenna Bush-Hager, was former President George W. Bush’s daughter!? I definitely didn’t! 

Later this morning I plan on taking riley on a jog and making some buckeye brownies for a Christmas party at Jordan’s work tomorrow! What a fun morning 🙂

Days like these are few and far between, so I definitely plan on enjoying it. Have a good day!



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