Whats for dinner?

I feel like this question plagues me on a daily basis! I think dinner is my least favorite meal of the day.. I LOVE having a yummy breakfast and lunch is alright, but dinner always just creeps up on me and I never plan that well for it. I’ve decided that along with tracking my workouts daily, I’m also going to try to start documenting my eating habits. I am 100% not trying to loose weight. Im completely happy with where Im at with my body right now! On the other hand, I know that there is a lot of junk/unhealthy things that I am putting in my body on a daily basis, so I am just trying to minimize that and put healthier foods in my body! I think by eating better foods, that I will workout better, and just feel better all around!

I started off great today with the clean eating!

I started off with some oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries and two eggs on the side..


Then during class this morning I snacked on a cliff bar..

When I got home I had a ham and cheese sandwich with some veggies with hummus and pita chips on the side..


In the afternoon I sliced up an apple and ate it with some homemade granola bars I made on Sunday!


Then for dinner I pulled out a hawaiian pizza out of the freezer and made some salads for the side..


Its funny to look back on all the food you ate during the day! Hopefully I keep keep this up during the week 🙂



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