Super Bowl Fun!

Mondays always seem to creep up on me! I had such a fun weekend with my husband that I was NOT ready to go back to class today. I had to hit the snooze button three times before I could drag myself out of bed.

How ’bout that Super Bowl last night?! Jordan and I went to a friends who just moved into a new house! It was so fun to just veg out on the couch and stuff our faces with wings and other goodies. The couple who hosted the party ordered BBQ wings from pluckers, and everyone else who came brought side dishes and/or desserts. I made our favorite Salsa Dip! The recipe is from Jordan’s mom and we just love it. It’s so simple you just can’t go wrong!

Salsa Dip:

2 blocks Cream Cheese

16 oz jar of your favorite Salsa

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Diced Tomatos

Green Onions

Let the cream cheese blocks sit out to soften to room temperature. Combine the cream cheese and salsa in a bowl and mix with a blender until the consistency is even. Spread the dip into a pie plate and top with cheese, tomatoes, green onions, and any other topping you would like. Refrigerate for an hour to let it get solid again. Serve with Tortilla Chips!

This dip is a favorite in our family and everyone at the party loved it too! I also made cake balls dipped in chocolate for the first time ever! I used vanilla cake and vanilla icing dipped in milk chocolate. Then I decorated the tops with the laces like a football 🙂 They were so yummy I kept snacking on them while I was making them and they were a hit at the party!


The game wasn’t really my main interest during the party, but I LOVED the halftime show by Beyoncé! When I was growing up, Destiny’s Child was one of my favorite groups. It was so fun seeing them reunite on stage for the show. Beyoncé rocked it and I loved every minute of it!

Well I guess I better start working on that homework that is calling my name!

What was your favorite part of Beyoncé’s half time show?


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