Love is in the Air!

As promised, I told you I would do a full post on the ball we went to on Valentines Day! My husband and I have never gotten to go to a formal event together (other than our wedding of course) due to the long distance. Needless to say we were very excited to not only go to the 1st Calvary 2-227th Battalion Formal together but to actually spend our first Valentine’s Day together in four years! It was a special night indeed!

Once we got all dressed up we drove to the Mayborn Civic and Convention Center in Belton. Out in the parking lot we met up with some friends!


I love the car with the Ohio State flag in the background. I don’t know whose it is but GO BUCKS!


Don’t they look so handsome in their dress uniform?!

Once we got inside it was cocktail hour and appetizers until the whole company got there. Once everyone was there about 45 minutes later we were seated and dinner was served.

They did introductions and a full round of toasts during dinner. Shortly after began the “grog” ceremony. I guess it is an army ball tradition but I have never heard it before. Basically they start with a punch bowl and they have a story about all the places 1st Cav has been and for each location they played and song and added something to the grog (beer, champagne, rum, vodka) you name it and they put it in! At the end o they story everyone drinks the grog and the dancing begins! It was a pretty fun tradition.


It was so much fun seeing all the soldiers dance and let loose and have a good time! My husband and I had such a fun time laughing and dancing the night away. It was a perfect way to spend Valentine’s and it is one that won’t soon be forgotten! I heard they are planning another ball for May and I am already looking forward to it! 🙂


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