Mary Kay 5k

I did a 5k this weekend!!

As you can see it was just a small, local race. But it was a perfect no stress race to get me back to racing! I haven’t raced since last May, so I was a little nervous! This race was a first annual charity race benefiting the Mark Kay foundation.

It was a small race, less than 40 people total, but it was nice. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the first mile was almost all hill! Not my favorite way to run a mile but it builds character 🙂




My goal going into the race was to be under 30 minutes, after my first mile was 9:26 with alot of hills, I knew I could push myself. My second mile was 8:57 and my third was 9:16! My total finish time was 28:31!! I was not expecting to race that well, but I guess my hard work lately paid off.

After racing this weekend, it just made me want to do even more races! I already signed up for a 5k on April 20! 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!


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