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Book Review: Blackberry Winter

Last weekend I dug into the book “Blackberry Winter” By: Sarah Jio


It was such a good book that I finished it in less than 24 hours! I just couldn’t put it down. The basis of the story starts with a winter storm in May of 1933 where a little boy goes missing in the middle of the night. From there, the story jumps back and forth between 1933 mother looking for her child to a modern day journalist writing a story on the storm in 1933. As the present day journalist, Claire, discovers more and more about the events surrounding the 1933 case, the reader becomes suspicious that Claire and the boys mother, Vera, are somehow connected.

I think that is what really kept me hooked in to the story. I really wanted to know what happened to the little boy and how the two women are connected. About halfway through the story you find out that Claire has also lost a child in her own tragic incident. This just gives her more fuel to her fire to find out what happened to the poor little boy in that winter storm.

There are multiple twists near the end of the story, but by the end of it I was satisfied with the conclusion and would consider it a great book! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, enjoyable read.

Have you read any good books lately? Do you have any recommendations for my next read?


Wow, Time Flies!

Can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost a week.. oops! Things got super busy around here this weekend so I will just hit some of the highlights 🙂


Thursday- Rest

Friday- Interval Run 2 min easy / 1 min hard x5

Saturday- Swimming workout with my husband! 100m easy / 50 m kick / 50 m easy / 16x25m hard with 5 sec rest / 200 m cool down (800m total)

Sunday – 3.5 mile run at the park.. this was supposed to be at least 5 miles but I was too sleep deprived from working floor set the night before that it just wasn’t going to happen..

Monday – 10 min bike warm up / NROLFW (New Rules of Lifting for Women) Workout 1A / 10 min elliptical cool down

Tuesday – Tempo run!

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 8.18.28 PM.png


I made the worlds most delicious chocolate chip cookies this weekend!


They were the most deliciously perfect cookies I’ve ever had.. the secret ingredient was CORNSTARCH!

It made the cookies have that soft/fluffy texture that I love. I will definitely be making them again! I will pass along the recipe 🙂

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I also made some lasagna to eat over the weekend. You can never go wrong with pasta in this house.. I did marry an Italian 😉



I finished the book “Blackberry Winter” by Sarah Jio in less then 24 hours this weekend! It was such a quick easy read and I would recommend it to anyone. I will do a full review in a later post, but it was such a good read I had to put in something here too!


I have seen a lot about this lifting plan online so I figured I would incorporate it into my workout schedule. I have been looking to add some strength training in the mix, and this seemed like a good fit! It is about a 6 month program total and it is divided into 7 stages. The first stage is 16 workouts total so it will last about 6 weeks of 3 workouts a week. I did Workout 1A on monday and I can definitely feel it today! You basically start doing a set of A exercises and a set of B exercises then as the weeks progress you increase the weight and decrease the reps. Sounds like a plan to me! I have never been on a legitimate strength plan before, so I will be interested to see how my body responds.

Those were some of the highlights of the weekend. I am really looking forward to the Army 1st Cavalry Ball on Valentine’s Day, Thursday! I will definitely post pics and do a blog just for that but here is a picture of the dress I will be wearing:


I am so excited to get all dressed up and have a night out. This is the first Valentine’s Day we have actually got to spend together the past four years. It is long over due and we can’t wait!


Who wants to foot the bill?

Grocery day.. definitely not my favorite. I don’t mind doing the shopping so much, and I LOVE having all the fresh and fully stocked food in the house, I just wish I wasn’t footing the bill!

Oh, and the whole carrying all the bags into the house.. total bummer..


After I got all that nonsense taken care of, I made myself some much needed lunch! After lunch I worked on homework a little bit, then decided to hit the gym and get my workout in for the day.
10 mile bike ride @ 17-18mph pace. Good enough for my first bike workout of the year!

I decided to take part in PB Fingers February Book Club! The book this month is Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio. It sounds really interesting so I’m excited to dive into it on my nook 🙂


For dinner tonight I was really craving pasta alfredo but didn’t have any alfredo sauce on hand.. Thank God for Pinterest!! I found an alfredo recipe that I had the ingredients for and whipped it all up in about 15 minutes. It was so delicious, I will definitely make it again.


Are you reading any good books right now? Have you ever read Blackberry Winter?