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The “T” word..

You guessed it.. Taxes. I don’t know why I dread doing them so much.. I mean it’s not that complicated but it’s just like one more thing you have to worry about in February, and I just don’t enjoy it. Being a military family makes things a little more difficult I think. In 2012, Jordan was deployed for half the year which has different tax rules, we moved to Texas with the DITY move that has tax stipulations, and I also worked part time in both Ohio and Texas. We are both still legal residents of Ohio but has our address in Texas. All these things just make tax time that more complicated.

Luckily, they have a tax center on base that will help you file your paper work at no cost (yippee!) however, it is a multiple hour process (yuck!)


I guess that’s the price you pay for free 🙂 We went in the beginning of February and waited in line two hours only to find out that if we wanted to claim my
full time student discount, the IRS wasnt accepting those yet. So back home we went.. Yesterday I returned to try to file again. This time I waited 3 hours but was successfully able to file (yay!)

Now my question is, that was for the federal return, what the heck do we do for a sate return? Do I file one in Ohio? Texas? Or Both? I earned money in both states in 2012 but am currently a legal resident of Ohio? Guess that’s something I will have to figure out in the next few weeks! I will just be relieved when the whole thing is done.

Is tax time a nightmare for you? Do you have any suggestions to make it easier?


Love is in the Air!

As promised, I told you I would do a full post on the ball we went to on Valentines Day! My husband and I have never gotten to go to a formal event together (other than our wedding of course) due to the long distance. Needless to say we were very excited to not only go to the 1st Calvary 2-227th Battalion Formal together but to actually spend our first Valentine’s Day together in four years! It was a special night indeed!

Once we got all dressed up we drove to the Mayborn Civic and Convention Center in Belton. Out in the parking lot we met up with some friends!


I love the car with the Ohio State flag in the background. I don’t know whose it is but GO BUCKS!


Don’t they look so handsome in their dress uniform?!

Once we got inside it was cocktail hour and appetizers until the whole company got there. Once everyone was there about 45 minutes later we were seated and dinner was served.

They did introductions and a full round of toasts during dinner. Shortly after began the “grog” ceremony. I guess it is an army ball tradition but I have never heard it before. Basically they start with a punch bowl and they have a story about all the places 1st Cav has been and for each location they played and song and added something to the grog (beer, champagne, rum, vodka) you name it and they put it in! At the end o they story everyone drinks the grog and the dancing begins! It was a pretty fun tradition.


It was so much fun seeing all the soldiers dance and let loose and have a good time! My husband and I had such a fun time laughing and dancing the night away. It was a perfect way to spend Valentine’s and it is one that won’t soon be forgotten! I heard they are planning another ball for May and I am already looking forward to it! 🙂

You will find me in the Library

Our house has been bustling with activity this week. I have had a crazy week at school and am just glad to be done with it!

This is what my school week consisted of:
1 exam on Tuesday
1 exam on Wednesday
2 Quizzes on Thursday
1 Quiz, 1 Lab Practical, and a Paper due on Friday
Whew! The only good thing about a crazy week means that the next week won’t be as bad! 🙂
I was very consistent with my workouts this week so hopefully I can keep it up!


NROLFW Workout 1B
10 min elliptical warm up
deadlift 2×15 40lbs
lat pull downs 2×15 40lbs
chest press 2×15 30lbs
lunges 2×15 15lbs
swiss ball crunch 2×8
45 min bike workout:
10 min easy
5x 3 min hard/2 min easy
10 min easy


Interval Run:
3 min warm up
5x 1 min hard/2 min easy

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.44.54 AM.png
Friday- Rest day!
One of my favorite dinners this week was Hawaiian ham sandwiches, they were delicious!

They had hawaiian bread, ham, swiss, onion, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.
Here is the link: Hawaiian Baked Sandwiches
Thursday was Valentines Day and my husband and I went to his Battalion Ball, but I will do a whole post about that later! Here is a picture of us all dressed up! We had such a fun time.

The hubby and I are getting ready to head to the gym to workout. On the agenda for today is laundry and cleaning! Sounds better to me than homework 🙂
Happy Saturday!
What did you do for Valentines Day? Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Wow, Time Flies!

Can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost a week.. oops! Things got super busy around here this weekend so I will just hit some of the highlights 🙂


Thursday- Rest

Friday- Interval Run 2 min easy / 1 min hard x5

Saturday- Swimming workout with my husband! 100m easy / 50 m kick / 50 m easy / 16x25m hard with 5 sec rest / 200 m cool down (800m total)

Sunday – 3.5 mile run at the park.. this was supposed to be at least 5 miles but I was too sleep deprived from working floor set the night before that it just wasn’t going to happen..

Monday – 10 min bike warm up / NROLFW (New Rules of Lifting for Women) Workout 1A / 10 min elliptical cool down

Tuesday – Tempo run!

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 8.18.28 PM.png


I made the worlds most delicious chocolate chip cookies this weekend!


They were the most deliciously perfect cookies I’ve ever had.. the secret ingredient was CORNSTARCH!

It made the cookies have that soft/fluffy texture that I love. I will definitely be making them again! I will pass along the recipe 🙂

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I also made some lasagna to eat over the weekend. You can never go wrong with pasta in this house.. I did marry an Italian 😉



I finished the book “Blackberry Winter” by Sarah Jio in less then 24 hours this weekend! It was such a quick easy read and I would recommend it to anyone. I will do a full review in a later post, but it was such a good read I had to put in something here too!


I have seen a lot about this lifting plan online so I figured I would incorporate it into my workout schedule. I have been looking to add some strength training in the mix, and this seemed like a good fit! It is about a 6 month program total and it is divided into 7 stages. The first stage is 16 workouts total so it will last about 6 weeks of 3 workouts a week. I did Workout 1A on monday and I can definitely feel it today! You basically start doing a set of A exercises and a set of B exercises then as the weeks progress you increase the weight and decrease the reps. Sounds like a plan to me! I have never been on a legitimate strength plan before, so I will be interested to see how my body responds.

Those were some of the highlights of the weekend. I am really looking forward to the Army 1st Cavalry Ball on Valentine’s Day, Thursday! I will definitely post pics and do a blog just for that but here is a picture of the dress I will be wearing:


I am so excited to get all dressed up and have a night out. This is the first Valentine’s Day we have actually got to spend together the past four years. It is long over due and we can’t wait!


Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I figured I would do random posts about some of the main aspects of my life! First off my husband, Jordan 🙂

Jordan and I started dating my senior year of high school. He had recently finished Basic Training in the Army and gotten out of a long term relationship. I also was moving on from my only other long term relationship so the timing was just right! We had always known of each other before but both of us being in other relationships had kept either one of us from pursuing anything.

At first it started out as a friendship, just kinda getting to know each other.. After two months of talking on the phone and “Skype-ing” (he was at AIT in Alabama, and I was home in Ohio) he came home for two weeks before going to his new duty station at Fort Hood, Texas. During those two weeks we had our first official Date, but we had already started falling for each other through the last two months. We instantly clicked and he asked me to be his girlfriend 🙂

Here is a picture of us on our first date! (we went to his brothers wrestling meet, then to see the movie “Dear John” after.. how corny? lol)

Throughout the next year he came home on the weekends as much as he could, and was even able to come home for my high school graduation!
Graduation 042

Graduation 101
That fall I went off to college and things got hard for a few months, I wasn’t sure if things were going to work out with us. I found out he was going to deploy to Afghanistan in the Summer of 2011 and I was really scared! I didn’t know if I could handle that! But we decided to stick it out and Im so glad we did 🙂
In April of 2011, during his pre-deployment leave, Jordan got down on one knee and proposed! Of course I said YES! I knew the next year would be one of the hardest of my life, but I knew that he was a great man and I wouldn’t want to ever loose him!

When Jordan left for Afghanistan on June 1, 2011 we weren’t sure when we wanted to have our wedding. I was still in college and we originally wanted to wait until I graduated, but about halfway through his deployment I knew I wanted to get married when he got home. I couldn’t imagine waiting a few years to start our life together! So in December 2011 I started wedding planning and set the date for July 3, 2012.
Jordan came home May 28, 2012 and that was the most exciting day of my life! Unless you have been through a deployment yourself, you can not imagine the variety of feelings you are experiencing while waiting for that bus to pull up! I will definitely never forget that feeling.


We had our wedding on July 3, 2012 about a month after Jordan got home. It was so much fun celebrating with all our family and friends! I wouldn’t change a single thing about our wedding day.


After our wedding, we packed up all our things and moved to our first apartment in Texas. Since then we have been living the newlywed life 🙂
So thats the story of me and my hubby! I will try to post some posts about different aspects of my life periodically. Until next time!